*Starts typing in the ‘About’ section.

Realizes how much she hates this.

Deletes everything.

Starts again.*

This is a page by yet another lazy blogger who thinks (read: desperately hopes) she is humorous and witty and can get a giggle or two.

It tries to make sense out of the chaos in the head of a girl who manages to go all day looking cool as a cucumber while her thoughts engage in a sequence that is no less than any Battle of Bastards (Yes, I went there. Expect an annoying number of random references to different TV shows. If you have not figured that by now.)

I am hoping that this blog grows and I am able to define it better with time.

*Proof reads everything 13 times. Feels content…..ish*

P.s.: If you are bored, you can come and give me company on Facebook. Click here.



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