We need to Talk.

Well, hello there!

This part of the post is supposed to be me pointing out my irregularity (out of sheer guilt), you not caring, me making sad jokes about that and laughing nervously (Pretty much like every single relationship I’ve had.) But I am gonna skip the drama because the fact that you are here and reading this makes me feel secure enough to know you love me. (There! I said it! No more games now.)

So let’s just get to it,shall we? Last month, while I was busy making silly videos, stalking people online, going on impulsive trips, fleeing cities amidst riots and engaging with every post related to the Coldplay concert, I stopped for a bit to acknowledge this question that kept popping in my head every now and then:

Why do we avoid the things we know we should do?

Now when I say “things we should do”, I don’t mean spending wisely, doing our taxes, exercising regularly, eating healthy, or drinking in moderation (Pffftttt. Who even does that?) I’m talking about the things that we wish we had the balls to do but don’t even let ourselves go near the prospect of accomplishing these tasks. Like participating in an open mic night, approaching your Instagram crush, watching MSG, wearing that outrageous color in public, OR being able to say “Sorry” *DHANN DHANN DHANN*

Yeeeaaaahhhh. I flinched while typing that too. It’s funny how we are SO comfortable with apologizing and making nice with the stranger we bumped into in the washroom of a mall we hate, but when it comes to burying the hatchet with someone who we KNOW means a lot to us, we just stand there and convince ourselves that we don’t need that person in our life. Much like you convinced yourself that you don’t need to attend the Coldplay concert in person- STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!

And it’s not just about saying “Sorry” actually, the idea of having ANY real conversation makes us so uncomfortable that we would rather choose to attend a family gathering with our entire khaandaan (WITHOUT our phone) than having to tell someone how we feel about them. And if someone decides to break the character and shows the courage to bring up the topic we find ourselves wishing we had not left our home and our laptop that day. (Joyce Byers wouldn’t ask such questions! And she has real problems! Her son is MISSING!)

We’d rather stalk people extensively, reply to their Snapchat Story, send emojis of dogs holding hearts (it’s not romantic if there is a dog in it) and play mind games than utter the actual words. Even to Ourselves! “Ummm… I left a comment… So it is obvious na… that.. you know!”.. ” I didn’t like his Facebook post so It’s obvious na… I don’t.. you know…” My personal favorite… “Look at my WhatsApp status, bruh! It says it all!”

As someone who is guilty of all of the above (and more), I think it’s time we (by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’) do something about this. As much as I love the drama that rises from chaos, let’s tone it down a bit. Get over your fear, have the tough talk, tell the truth, “unmask” your feelings- good or bad. And if you get bored of all that peace, take someone to watch ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, that’ll help you pick a fight!