“Do you wanna make Fraaandship?”

“Oh no! She is at it AGAIN!” A thought that must have crossed your mind when I shoved the link to this “Piece Of Art” in your face and by your face, I mean your feed. What is important is you got over the fear of enduring my extra long posts, with even longer sentences and complicated segues. A place where I try to make sense out of things that affect our lives (much deep. such thoughts. many wow!) and more often than not, fail at it! But despite all of that, here you are! That means a lot to me. I love you guys for that! As a friend. You know! (Gosh! Be cool, man!)

That brings us to the topic for today (Real smooth. I know *smug face*)

Friendship Day and Friends.

You see, my creative juices were not really co-operating for the past few days but TODAY is a special day because Friendship Day has got them flowing and HOW! (you want a clue? Look at the title. So creative.)

Friendship day (the second day after Valentine’s Day  that sees the much feared concept of “Friend-zone”  extensively discussed online) means different things to different people.

To school kids it is like Hunger Games where the cool kids are a part of the Capitol, and Friendship day bands are the food supplies. If you don’t come home with an arm that looks like “Shahenshaah” what is the point of going to school at all? I mean, really?!

In college, it is a super important event for the Hyperactive Student’s Club. It is their responsibility to convert Friendship day into a carnival consisting of various rituals like dedicating chocolates to your friends. What used to grind my gears was that every chocolate had a different meaning or significance. What the hell is that about?! I mean will gladly eat that 5 star bar even if it means “I hate your bloody face!”. And please! If there is ANYTHING that a Munch signifies, it is lack of funds or chindigiri. (Yes, I never got a chocolate ever. Why’d you ask?)

What is important is to understand what it means to us now. We live in a world where we depend on Facebook to remind us of the minutest things including our own birthdays (except for those people who do the “20 days to go. 19 days to go. 18 days to go.” thing. You guys. *sigh* ) It is only natural to treat something like “Friendship Day” as a mass birthday notification where we type “Friendship” instead of “Birth” and post it on our wall and the job is done! If you are a little more serious than that you make a collage of old pictures and #FriendsForever does the rest for you.

But your real friends already know what they mean to you. Duh! You didn’t wait for Friendship Day to help them create the perfect texts to send to their crush,  to take their calls in tears, to tell them what a hot mess they are, to gang up against others who told them what a hot mess they are, to scold them for going after a mean ex, to treat them as family and you certainly didn’t wait for Friendship Day when you had to hold their hair while they puked. Neither did they.

Why on earth am I then blabbering about this so called special day if it is not needed at all?  Let’s just toss it and work on our Independence day status updates, AMIRITE?!

I am saying all this because I want to give a new spin to this day. I want to take Friendship Day back to the basics. You see, just like all the wonderful things you did without thinking much, you did not really wait for an “un-friendship” day to (knowingly or unknowingly) do hurtful things to them. Let’s face it. We all (well, almost all) have screwed up when it comes to friends. We’ve been selfish, egoistic, mean and pretty much ruined something that once felt like an important part of who we are. Maybe you didn’t mean it, maybe you were angry, maybe you were being a jerk or maybe, if you are anything like me, you were just hungry. But you said some things and you did some stuff and you lost a good friend. And we hate to admit it but it does bother us and we do miss those friends. However, confronting them like adults is not what we can do because who does that right? Pffttt!

So if you have made a booboo in the past and you cannot find a chocolate that can express how sorry you feel about it, I can totally do it for you!  All you gotta do is “dedicate” this link to them and the rest, will be taken care of. Once again, I got your back! 🙂

Saving Friendship Day like a Boss!

*Cue F.R.I.E.N.D.S Title track*