“When I was Your Age….”

It has been a while since I visited my island and looks like the party has left. I am sure most of you thought this was going to be a typical “Dear Diary, Can’t wait to write in you….. NEVER!” scenario but SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKAAA! Look who is back!

I know it seems like I have been gone for too long. You see, I was busy with some stuff and by “some stuff” I mean “coming up with a method to overcome chronic laziness and finding a cure for advanced procrastination”. In all fairness, laziness was not the only reason that kept me from writing last week. I am going to be honest and say that when I realized that Facebook statuses about Pokemon Go were getting more hits than my posts I felt a little dejected. It is only natural! Especially because I was sure I would be an internet star overnight (Kanan Gill was supposed to start falling for my charm by the end of this week. Schedule is all messed up now! Haven’t even made it to Kapil Sharma!)

As far fetched as an idea like that sounds, I am sure you can relate to it because all of us  have a little kid inside us who pushes us towards such unrealistic expectations.

Okay, most if us.

Okay, some of us.

No, I am not having a stroke. I am just stating that in order to have that inner child, we initially need to grow up. But most of us never stopped being that kid at all. And that brings me to the topic that has been on my mind lately:

What does our age really do for us now?

Now, before I start off with my weird thought process, let us get done with the usual ritual of stating what this is not about. This is not about those “At my age, getting lucky means finding parking space” type jokes that frequent family WhatsApp groups that are also a ground for all kinds of political debates and the main exchange point of generic “Good Morning” pictures with random babies on them (If I see ONE MORE baby, it’s over Uncle ji!).

Neither is it about how getting older changes us and the wheel of time shapes us into a person who is totally different from the clay of childhood that we started with (Yes, I got that from a WhatsApp group. Just go with it!)

In fact, it is quite the opposite. As someone in her 20’s who has had the experience of living away, in a different city, on her own for studies AND for work, I can confidently say that I feel like I am as close to feeling like an adult as Rahul Khanna is to realizing that I am the one he has been waiting for all his life.

To be fair, I do not really know what “feeling like an adult” technically is. Sure, we learn to do what we think is to “behave like adults” by ensuring we find someone to pay us so we can pay the bills and ensure we have a roof over our head and basically keep ourselves alive.

And honestly, we love this charade of behaving like adults. At least initially. We take responsibility where we feel we can and we do get excited about “growing up”. We are systematic about it:

  • We post our offer letter on Facebook.
  • We add our first apartment to our Snap Story.
  • Make extensive plans about how we will set up our new home based on ideas from Pinterest.
  • Tell ourselves we will save wisely and live a healthy life after watching an inspirational video on YouTube.
  • Then go ahead and spend more than half our salaries on online shopping which is totally justified because we have to throw our first house party as adults where #InstaLove has to be abused.

And somewhere in the middle our first mid month panic attack, while curled up like a fetus in the corner of our room, we make friends with the concept of  Jugaad.

Weekend brunches turn into Maggi meals, Zara turns in Jabong, Smirnoff turns into Old Monk, “Let’s party!” turns into “Let’s stay in and watch a movie. Forrest Gump?”, and mummy’s favourite dialogue “Sabb lights kyun on hain? SHAADI CHAL RAHI HAI KYA?” becomes your catch phrase.

This is ACTUALLY are first step towards “feeling like an adult”. The first and maybe the only one most of us have taken so far.

Is that so bad, though? I know we as a generation are picked on for being laid back, non serious, outspoken, lazy and confused- We all fall in “Saas kya kahegi?” category. We are seen as people who are just not ready to lead responsible, meaningful, well rounded, family lives like our elders did when they were our age. They were pretty awesome at being a grown up in their time, no doubt. But what I am trying to point out here is that with the world around us today, having the same expectations attached to every age group would be a little unfair. I mean, look around you. Literally. I am sure you might be at the risk of bumping into someone who is about to catch Pikachu.

Now that you are safe, look around and you will see a world full of super fun people who stop to take a selfie with a cute dog, people who cannot wait to share something funny they saw with their friends, people who will step in with their superior haggling skills at Causeway when Bhaiya ji won’t listen to you, people who will call you in the middle of a busy work day because you told them you found your ex’s shoe lace, people who will come up with the most APT Bollywood dialogues for every situation and make you smile and people who will keep annoying you with examples till you get the point.

Feeling better about the crowd you are in aren’t you? So the next time you worry about “behaving your age” go back to that point where you took your first step and remind yourself that when the time is right, you will take the next step too. Preferably not induced by panic. It will be perfect because it will not be rushed. As long as you don’t get used to using this as an excuse or a butt of “I’m such a kid” jokes, I think you are set. Whatever your age, just focus on being Fabulous! And switch off the lights.