Baby Steps.

For someone who has the fastest eye roll reflex toward cliches, I must admit that I have found myself surprisingly comfortable starting a blog with a title that would have earned an eye roll AND a “Come on!” had I come across it somewhere else.

As you can judge by that lengthy first sentence, I AM new to Blogging and I AM nervous. Loving it so far! *sweats*

I do not know why most people turn to blogs but I am here because of a sudden urge that made me feel that the thoughts that keep doing circles in my head need an outlet.

I like to think that I am quirky and funny and I manage make people around me laugh with my inappropriate and poorly timed jokes (I have Chandler to thank. Yes, BIG F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. HUGE. Wait, who isn’t? Pfffttt.) so I thought I’d put it to some use in the form of a blog and see what people feel about my sarcastic, chaotic, random yet wonderfully weird world.

A dreamer who is obsessed with drawing connections between real life and movies and sitcoms (I am a self proclaimed buff) I am learning to understand how the real world works. I am getting a hang of complexities of relationships, situations and emotions. Also, being overly attached to my obsessive and over analyzing nature is a gift that I would like to share here. Yay!

I have too many things that I want to write down right now but I think I should streamline my thoughts to avoid word vomit in my very first post (that wouldn’t work too well for me as I am hoping to develop an image as cool as Carrie Bradshaw as I write here.)

I am not very good with parting words so I am going to leave this here with an awkward wave.

Until next time!


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